Serum uprights stainless steel

Serum uprights Instruma CC1

Due to the small weighted base of serum upright, the patient can move more easily, fits through narrow doors, no problem for lift, rolls over all floors. The patient even uses the serum stand as a go-aid.

Was tested by patients in different hospitals and found to be very good. It has been a years of seeing and listening to the needs of the user to achieve this result.

Other serum uprights stainless steel

Andrea eco-move with its accompanying ergonomic push handle:
Popular with the geriatric departments, you simply go within the scope of the serum stand, and the ergonomic push handle, movable in height, makes you stand upright! This is nestable, thus space saving.

Eco-space, design serum upright and nestable up to 60% space-saving. Possible to apply a folding push bar.
Rainbows, very colorful serum stand for the children’s department.
Premium care serum stand for eg Intensive Care OP with or without soft drop system
Serum uprights for operation room completely stainless steel seamlessly welded – Foldable serum uprights incl storage bag for home or travel.
Urolifter for eg OP and Urology, this is electrically height adjustable to operate by means of a foot pedal.

This is very popular with patients (retaining mobility) and nursing staff (ergonomic, prevents, back and shoulder complaints)

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