Our background story

Over the years we have, besides our specialization around surgical instruments, extended the range of products with high-end quality manufacturers of sanatoriumbeds as well as the other furniture needed for the accomodation of patientrooms and consultation spaces.

On request of our clients our range was extended with measuring equipment and small medical material of all sorts, such as diagnosis, hygiene centers, serumstands, mesure-made medicin distribution trolleys, mesure-made nursing trolleys, aid resources, …

On our products-page you will find an overview of all our manufacturers.
The products, listed on our website are only a selection. More items are available.
For information about additional products you can send your request through our contact-page.

So it is worth to take a further look on our website!

We are a small company with all its advantages: dynamic and flexibility in collaboration with the customer and the manufacturer. Together with you, our client, we offer a personal solution to any given problem.